3: DDH & Gust, Email Validation API's, and Yaz's new Puppy

25 Jan, 2021

DHH likes the look of Gust CDN, we chat about pricing for Yaz's email validation API and Yaz tells us all about his new puppy; Ozzy.

2: Launching Gust, Building Emails Validation API's and Laravel Giveaway 2021

14 Jan, 2021

Dan talks about his new product Gust CDN, how he overcame some tough issues and plans for its launch, Yaz breaks down his plans for his new email validation API as a service, and we discuss the plans for the Laravel giveaway 2021.

1: The Dan, The Yaz and the podcast.

2 Jan, 2021

In this episode, we discuss Yaz's recent work on the yearly Laravel giveaway with over $22,000 in prizes, Dan's recent updates to his app Shredify and our plans on some future projects.